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This is a listing of Judge Dredd pinball games, their owners and associated information. To add your game to this list, click here.



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Serial No.




1Bart aan den Toorn01 Jan 198000000-000000Schijndel, Netherlandsgreat Machine, love the sound, modes and everything, just missing the eagle topper can anybody give me a adress to order one?
2John Graves01 Sep 199320020-Colorado Springs, CO 
3Russ Lewis01 Sep 199320020-Jacksonville, FL 
4Eddie Mole12 Oct 199320020-Nailsea, EnglandExcellent Condition, software L6 & sound L2
5Dave Rolfe31 Dec 199320020-England 
6Eric Manuel31 Dec 199320020-Little Rock, ARStill love thre Dredd
7Jack Breikers31 Dec 199320020-NetherlandsGreat Pin. With Eagle Topper.
8John Irwin31 Dec 199320020-Harbor Beach, Michigan 
9Sven Westerlund02 Aug 199320020-000000SwedenPrototype, will be restored and modified to production standard
10Stan Simpson31 Dec 199320020-000000Essex, UKrunning L-1 rom, Deadworld coverted to 3 ball lock, just as mr Trudeau intended.
11Jim (Not Given)31 Dec 199320020-000000Terra FirmaVery fun game..bought machine before I even had a place to live
12Douglas Cousins31 Dec 199320020-000000POCAHONTAS ARGREAT GAME
13Brody Gooley & Matthew Willmett31 Dec 199320020-000000Perth Australiagrea machine loud and difficult fun rating to me would be 8 and a half
14Tony Moffett31 Dec 199320020-000000OhioMissing eagle topper - help!!!
15Ari Sovijarvi03 Sep 199320020-092432Kouvola, Finland 
16Albert Koncurat31 Dec 199320020-233042Perth Western AustraliaI bought it in May. There is Russian writting on some stickers. Must have started of there.
17Wade Royal31 Dec 199320020-467347Middle Tennessee USARed Cabinet
18Toney Priewe09 Sep 199320220-166032Madison, WIDead World Proto Kit added
19 Manu22 Dec 199320420-242072Paris, FranceMy first pinball V7 and top eagle restaured 100% funcionnal ! execlent flipper !
20John Edmondson02 Nov 199320620-236372Perth, AustraliaJust arrived today. Plays well. Looks good. Looking forward to having some sessions on this machine.
21Vaughan Jones22 Nov 199320620-342512Sydney, AustraliaMissing Eagle Topper & Deadworld gearbox stuffed. Please help!
22Joel Leroux16 Oct 199320720-214282Lille, FranceL5 software, Eagle topper is missing
23Nic Gough03 Nov 199320920-241282Beverley, East YorkshireReally enjoyable gameplay and sound - Super Game feature sets this apart - Missing Eagle :(
24Aimo Mielonen09 Sep 199321020-166272Halikko, FinlandPlastic which is around Subway entrance is broken :(
25Sampo Peltonen10 Sep 199321020-168872Espoo, FinlandMy first pinball. Eagle topper is missing :(
26Raimo Harju23 Sep 199321020-190102Siikainen, FinlandL-7, Eagle also missing
27Terry Jones22 Sep 199321020-190362Yorkshire UKThe best pin I have ever played or owned
28Dan Hardy01 Oct 199321020-196932Manchester, UKCool machine, very fast, excellent soundtrack. Missing eagle topper :(
29Alex Ward01 Oct 199321020-197792Surrey, EnglandGood condition, with eagle topper
30Edwin Arendsen06 Oct 199321020-269332Arnhem, The Netherlands 
31Paul White05 Nov 199321020-270412Huddersfield, UK1st machine, VGC, with eagle top and very Loud!!!
32C. Mensink10 Nov 199321420-249442Netherlands 
33Rick Romanin21 Oct 199321422-253062Niagra Falls, Ontario, CanadaHas Eagle Topper and L2 Sound and L7 roms. Very challenging and underated pin.
34Antonio Inacio08 Mar 199322020-207342 WWWMadrid, SpainA second hand machine. It had DeadWorld's ring with holes instead of slots and worked like a prototype as soon as I put the L-1 ROM, without any other modification. Sound Romset is Rev. P-0
35Mike 10 Nov 199322520-272602Los AngelesMy first pinball. Loving it.
36Andrea Caschili10 Nov 199322520-272612Cagliari ( Italy, Sardinia Island )great pinball machine!
37Bob Kemmerling31 Dec 199322720-220231Cocoa, FLalmost mint cont. Fun level 8
38Todd Phillips13 Aug 199322720-221801Fort Wayne, INprototype
39Robert Nilsson31 Dec 199323320-000000Sweden 
40Chauncey McGuinness25 Oct 199323320-237122Los Angeles, CAmissing topper
41Jeff Steinfort28 Oct 199323320-254172DePere , Wisconsin 
42Niel Viljoen31 Dec 199323320-257772South AfricaI AM the law... :)
43Mike Davis12 Nov 199323320-276822Mason, OH 
44Jeff Murphy21 Dec 199323320-287702Warsaw, IN USAWilling to sell.
45Dave Stevens02 Dec 199323320-294482Canada Love the game,no eagle.
46Ed Arthur12 Nov 199323320-342392MassachusettsFirst game, love it!
47Josh Summerville19 Nov 199323320-348102birmingham/ alabamaworks great w/original eagle
48Jason Rufer09 Dec 199323320-396862Cokato, MNFabulous collector condition. No cabinet fade,never drilled. Fabulous inside and out.
49Toney Priewe14 Dec 199323320-397752Madison, WIExcellent condition, eagle topper, L-6 & L-2 software, underated pin.
50 Mick21 Dec 199323320-442022 WWWWaterford, MIFirst pin, first shop job.
51Mike Menczer22 Dec 199323320-445072Los Angeles, CAFun Machine

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