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Johnny Mnemonic Owners List


This is a listing of Johnny Mnemonic pinball games, their owners and associated information. To add your game to this list, click here.



Name of Owner


Serial No.




1Ronald Coon Jr01 Nov 199505442-101148Toledo, OHclean, import game. Typical red faded cabinet.
2Szilard Csakanyos31 Dec 199550109-3241413Hungary 
3Peter Drenth11 Oct 199550242-000000Nederland 
4Toney Priewe11 Oct 199550242-100413Madison, WIVery fast, fun pin to play, under rated when setup and working 100%
5Paul and Jimbo Collins31 Aug 199551042-100053Huddersfield, UKFAST FAST FAST A+
6Jarkko Kuoppamäki10 Nov 199551142-101392 WWWHelsinki, FinlandJust got it (7/2005), hand problems & quite dirty playfield, but nothing bigger (I hope)
7Mark Belaert26 Oct 199551342-101183The NetherlandsExcellent Condition and a Great Game
8Richard Klaassen31 Dec 199552142-000000Netherlandsfor sale
9Tobias & Mattias30 Oct 199552142-101513 WWWGothenburg, SwedenFast and fun game though spinner millions destroy the gamerules
10Raimo Harju30 Oct 199552142-101547Siikainen, Finland100% condition!
11Torbjorn Molander30 Oct 199552142-101813Stockholm, SwedenNo sun fade on the cabinet and in great shape, overall.
12Gustaf Hamilton30 Oct 199552142-101813Gotene Sweden 
13Bert Ohman30 Oct 19955242-101526Sweden 
14Derrik Dawson01 Aug 199553342-000000Bartlett, ILvery underrated pin
15Nico Lafavore30 Nov 199553342-000000Pennsylvania 
16Mike Veto31 Dec 199553342-000000Geneva, ILAwsome game, incredible fast and killer variation. LOVE THIS GAME!
17Ken in Texas31 Dec 199553342-000000Texashttp://www.pinballrebel.com/game/pins/jm2/johnny_mnemonic_pinball_2.html
18Billy Nichols31 Dec 199553342-000000OklahomaVery cool Pinball Machine. Very Fast
19Brandon Hartman31 Dec 199553342-000000PAGreat Pin, very fast works 100%
20Joe Davis31 Dec 199553342-000000Durham, Ct. U.S.A.I need a spinner,Anyone have a spare?
21David Meek30 Aug 199553342-027833Wildomar, CA 
22Rob van de Wetering23 Oct 199553342-100681 WWWHaruru Falls, New Zealand 
23Rich G31 Dec 199553342-102289N. CaliforniaEuropean return
24Chuck Deerinck27 Nov 199553342-102519Escondido, CaHit Powerdown on ball 3 once!
25Paul Smiley29 Nov 199553342-102736Burke, VAPowerdown!

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