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Jungle Lord Owners List


This is a listing of Jungle Lord pinball games, their owners and associated information. To add your game to this list, click here.



Name of Owner


Serial No.




1Keith Apgar31 Dec 1981467314NH, USAEarly Red
2Marcel Koch31 Dec 1981503-000000Germanytop condition
3Gregory Arndt31 Dec 1981503-000000Los Angeles, CAPlayfield good, rebuilt electronics
4Mike Rodriguez31 Dec 1981503-000000El Paso, TXneed repair information
5Doug Redfarn31 Dec 1981503-000000 WWWHome, EnglandFirst electronic game I ever bought, and I still enjoy it, after 5 years, even against my TZ
6Julie Gras31 Dec 1981503-000000Grand Lake, COWe have loved Jungle Lord for years.
7Wade Royal31 Dec 1981503-000000Middle Tennessee USA 
8Staphane Steff31 Dec 1981503-000000Quebecseach backglass
9C L Boozer30 Apr 1981503-101xxxSouth Georgiavalue?
10Reto D. Fornara31 Dec 1981503-467001 WWWSwitzerland Could this really be... THE FIRST!?!
11Marco Schulze01 Jan 1981503-485750Germanyblue, paintigs like the red version, not the best condition, net plastic for the upper mini-playfield
12 Wolf01 Feb 1981503-485946Vellberg, Germany 
13Salvatore Antioco31 Dec 1981503-486328Berne, SwitzerlandBlue with fast tiger, proper condition
14Jean-Philippe Dor31 Dec 1982503-486649 WWWBelgium  
15Scott Richardson01 Feb 1981503-489705Biloxi Ms. USA 
16Elwood Alexander31 Dec 1981503-490335Maine Great condition, stopped working and I'm attempting to fix it.
17Brad Manning30 May 1981503-495816Terra Firma 
18Darryl Clarke01 Feb 1981503-496418Perth West Australia 

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